Extension 4-H February programs focus on STEM

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Cache Makers 4-H Club, in partnership with Utah State University Extension, will be hosting four diverse after-school programs promoting STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — in the month of February. Read More

Craft & STEM is creating a new kind of makerspace

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The Craft Studio is set up to be both a versatile workspace, equipped with an ever-expanding array of crafting tools, and a classroom where new skills and concepts can be taught, workshops can be hosted, and ongoing educational series will be held. https://www.utahbusiness.com/craft-stem-is-creating-a-new-kind-of-makerspace/

We have a long way to go before women are equally represented in the sciences

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Despite the best efforts of many parents, teachers, and policymakers over the last two decades, we have yet to see the number of girls studying science and women entering scientific fields achieve parity. By most accounts, the numbers are still dismal. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessicabaron/2019/02/11/we-have-a-long-way-to-go-before-women-are-equally-represented-in-the-sciences/#7b3d13df6168

Women make up half the work force, but less than 25% of the jobs in STEM fields

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In elementary school, middle and high schools, girls and boys take math and science courses in roughly equal numbers and about as many girls as boys leave high school prepared to pursue science and engineering majors in college.  Yet, fewer women than men pursue these majors. https://fox13now.com/2019/02/12/women-make-up-half-the-work-force-but-less-than-25-of-the-jobs-in-stem-fields/

Dixie Middle School’s Allison Ames Claims STEM Excellence Award

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For eighth-grade Honors Math student Allison Ames—a 4.0 GPA student who’s part of her school’s Science Olympiad team and is a robotics powerhouse outside of school—there’s no limit to how far she’ll go to help her peers and community through her standout STEM skills.  The huge-hearted young scholar from St. George was honored for going the distance on Feb. 2, 2019, at … Read More