PreK-12 Classroom Grants

Grant Description

The PreK-12 Classroom grant expands opportunities for idea-sharing and innovation. Utah educators and administrators at Utah public schools can implement innovative new approaches to STEM experiences in their classroom, with their findings being shared at STEM conferences and in the STEM Resource Library. We have funded hundreds of classroom grants over the years, impacting tens of thousands of students. These projects should focus on classroom-level instruction that is unique to the needs of the students.

Original Material

This grant seeks proposals that are unique and based on individual classroom needs. Reviewers are asked to rate creativity and originality. Keep this in mind especially if you are requesting a “kit”. How are you going to use it in a new, original way?

Use your own words in your applications. If an application is submitted that has been copied and pasted or is similar/identical to another grant proposal, both proposals will be declined for consideration of funding. 


Grant requests vary, with a maximum award of $1,500. Funding should be used to cover:

  • project materials
  • equipment
  • admission fees
  • travel for a field trip

Funding IS NOT available for:

  • technology or other products used solely by the educator (laptop, iPad, smart board, etc.)
  • activities that take place outside of Utah
  • teacher professional development/training
  • salaries or stipends for educators or support staff
  • student competition expenses
  • software
  • food and apparel
  • literature (unless it is used as part of an integrated STEM activity)
Eligibility Requirements

This grant is available for applications from PreK-12 educators and administrators at public schools in the state of Utah. This grant can also be used by educators to help with school-sponsored after school programs.


Applicants and grant recipients must attend to all deadlines. No late applications or paperwork will be accepted

Dates to know:

  • Application opens for submissions: August 1 of every year
  • Applications are due: September 30 of every year
  • Applicants notified of outcome: October 28 of every year
  • Signed agreement and invoice uploaded: No later than December 31 of every year
  • Receipts uploaded: No later than May 15 of every year
  • Follow-up report due: No later than May 15 of every year
Additional Information & Links

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