Learning STEM through Hydroponics

By Shannon Terry, Minersville Public Library Director

I can’t believe we have had our hydroponic system for a year! 

I would have never thought that I would enjoy gardening. There has been so much success with this program that people think I actually have a “green thumb”. The hydroponic system requires minimal labor and does most of the work by itself. We have been able to grow countless fruits, vegetables, spices and recently flowers here at the Minersville Public Library. It has been educational and fun watching everything grow. Many people come into the library just to see the plants. There is always excitement mixed with wonder in adults and kids’ eyes when they get to see the root systems. All the produce tastes delicious, and we can eat fresh all year round!

Hydroponics system in at the Minersville Library in Minersville, UT.

Several people wanted radishes, so we decided to plant the entire system full of them. Everyone that wanted a radish that harvest, received one. We even entered the radishes into our county fair, and won first place. One 5th grader used the hydroponic system versus soil for his science fair project. Can you guess which grew the quickest?

The virtual academy through Green Our Planet makes it possible to confidently teach our group of students everything they need to know. Students have learned how to pollinate plants indoors and the importance of maintaining the right plant food, Ph levels and more.  With such generous donations from Green Our Planet, Utah STEM Action Center and Utah State Library this has been an amazing way to add STEM to the entire community. 

STEM can be fun!