Math Innovation Grant

Math is the biggest educational predictor of students’ future academic and career success, even after controlling for reading and attention skills, socio-economic status, and socio-emotional behaviors. STEM jobs are among the highest paid, and the demand for qualified workers is continuously growing. Even for students who don’t pursue STEM, math achievement predicts future success and opens doors to opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. While 2019 NAEP data indicates that proficiency has increased slightly over the past six years in Utah, only 46% of fourth-grade students reach grade-level proficiency in math, and that drops to 37% by eighth grade, and disparities between Utah’s racial and ethnic groups have increased dramatically.

Nationwide the achievement trend in Math education has been flat for more than 10 years, and one in four American adults lack the mathematical and computational skills that are considered fundamental for functioning in everyday work and social life. 

This pilot project will provide funding to institutions and organizations to develop, implement and/or enhance innovative math-focused programs designed to mitigate gaps that currently exist in math education.

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