Park City Math Institute Co-Creator becomes 1st Female to Win ‘Nobel Prize of math’

Katherine KireievSTEM Awards, STEM in Utah, STEM Partners

In another landmark moment for Women’s History Month 2019, U.S. Mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck has become the first female to win the Abel Prize — which is commonly regarded as the “the Nobel Prize of Math.”

Among her great achievements is her extensive outreach work, including the co-creation of PCMI, the Park City Mathematics Institute right here in Utah. PCMI is an intensive, annual three-week opportunity for research mathematicians to meet and exchange ideas with school teachers and students. Also notable is Karen’s work setting up the Women and Mathematics Program at Princeton University’s  Institute for Advanced Study, with the mission to recruit and retain more women in mathematics.

See the ceremony and learn more about this marvelous modern-day STEM pioneer: