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Silver Designation

Manila Elementary School

School Type: Public
Designation: Silver
  1. STEM is for ALL students as part of the regular classroom experience. In addition we support extracurricular programs that are open to all students of the grade levels the program is appropriate for.
  2. We see an integrated STEM activities practice, a change in pedagogy vs the “one more subject to teach” syndrome.
  3. We see the STEM models of learning becoming part of the school culture of learning.
    1. Ask, Inquisition (What is the problem? What if? I wonder?)
    2. Imagine, Acquisition (What could be some solutions? Brainstorm)
    3. Plan, Supposition (Draw a diagram, “I think” statement, List materials)
    4. Create, Implement (Follow plan, Create it, Test it, Design and Carry out)
    5. Test
    6. Improve, Summation (Collect evidence-date, Draw conclusions, Reflect, Redesign)
    7. Repeat Cycle
    8. Exhibition (Sharing and Communication of Results)
  4. The Arts (language arts, visual arts, arts of social science and history) should be integrated into STEM learning … Thus we advocate for STEAM.
  5. Key practices at Manila include integrative curriculum, problem solving, collaboration, reflection, learning from failure and mistakes, fun and engagement.
  6. All learning connects to the Utah Core Curriculum Standards.
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