STEM Computing Partnership Grant

Grant Description

The Computing Partnerships grant helps identify gaps in and provide solutions for computing opportunities for students and teachers in Utah. This grant is intended to target the development of new, innovative computing activities or support an increase in the capacity of existing, proven programs. Applicants are encouraged to emphasize activities that support the integration of coding into problem-solving and that are cross-disciplinary. The STEM Action Center is also interested in activities that provide access to underserved populations and have a focus on activities outside of the classroom; however, applicants may address a variety of activities that support computing activities.


These grants will be supported with funds provided by the 2017 legislature via Senate Bill (SB) 190. Applicants may request funds for 1–3 years.

Eligibility Requirements

Public PreK-12 schools; schools and school districts; and consortium applicants are eligible to apply for funding. Consortia must include two or more LEAs or schools.


Applicants and grant recipients must attend to all deadlines. No late applications or paperwork will be accepted.

  • Application opens for submissions: December 2022
  • Applications are due: January 2023
Additional Information & Links

Information and guidelines for requests for grants

Application Template

Scoring Rubric

Baseline Metrics Template

Budget and Timeline Template

Approval Signature Sheet


Students Served


Schools Impacted


Teachers Reached

Murray School District

"With funding from the Utah STEM Action Center, we have been able to give our students the tools and resources to learn computing skills first hand so they are better prepared to enter the workforce."

Lynn Purdin
Community & Innovation Manager


Utah STEM Action Center
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