Professional Learning Grant

Grant Description

This program focuses on locally-identified needs associated with STEM learning for K-12 teachers. These efforts connect thousands of teachers to opportunities to create valuable STEM-based curricula and teaching practices. Funded activities include coaching, mentoring, self-reflection, off-contract work, and effective professional learning communities (PLCs).

All proposals must align with the legislative definition of effective professional learning, including taking place in learning communities, build leadership capacity in teachers, be based on data-based decision making, and support long-term change with ongoing learning opportunities. These programs include the creation of a 1-year or 3-year implementation plan. Additionally, all teacher participants must film themselves and use that video for self and/or peer reflection.

Most project funding is typically spent to pay teachers for summer work preparing for the following school year, as well as a substitute for teachers to participate in learning opportunities, video hardware, and teacher learning materials. Some projects have also covered things like summer teacher internships with an industry partner and micro-messaging training and support. Applications can be submitted by either a single school or a group of schools but must be submitted by an administrator.

Eligibility Requirements

School administrators may apply for this grant on behalf of a single school or a group of schools.

  • Application opens for submissions:  Feb.7, 2022
  • Applications are due: April 1, 2022
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Teacher & Administrator Participants


Locally designed STEM professional learning plans


Multi-year projects, showing long-term commitment and teacher buy-in

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