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Bronze Designation

George Washington Academy

School Type: Charter
Designation: Bronze

At George Washington Academy we strive to ‘use high levels of thinking skills.’ This is one of the Desired Results for Student Learning we identified through the accreditation process and is a fundamental aspect of our daily teaching and learning. As a charter school with a focus on academic rigor, we have a heavy emphasis on mathematics and science and our placement for the past two years as a top 10 school in the state in these areas reflects this. However, we believe strongly in a culture of continuous improvement and feel we can improve our students’ educational experience by learning more about ways we can incorporate hands on learning and improve cross curricular instruction. We see the STEM designation as an extension of what we are already doing, and hope that by exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will develop a passion for it and be ready for both college and, later on, a career in a STEM related field. In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. By increasing our STEM focus, we also hope to help bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields and help our students compete globally in the future. While we are new to the STEM designation, we feel we are well prepared for the Gold level and look forward to learning more.

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